Directors Lounge, Rote Loge, Berlin 2006
Forming Motion
curated by Kim Collmer with assistance by Microcinema International and LiveBox, Chicago (more below)

July 13, Thursday

Forming Motion is a night of shorts collected from around the world.

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13. Juli 22 h
A Summer Evening with Kim Collmer in der Roten Loge

Simon-Dachstrasse 22, (via Revalerstrasse)
S- and U Warschauer Brücke

Aufgrund unvorhersehbarer Umstände haben wir kurzfristig die Lokalität gewechselt.Die Rote Loge in der Simon-Dachstrasse 22, (via Revalerstrasse) ist nun unsere neue Spielstätte. Eine charmante Lounge die sich ganz der Filmkunst verschrieben hat.

Was wird gezeigt?
Kim Collmer- forming motion in der Roten Loge "Forming Motion is a night of animation shorts
collected from around the world. For this series, animation is depicted as both a connector of images, and as a reminder of the artificiality and tedious nature of its construction." Auf der Grundlage unseres screenings bei Inner Spaces Gallery Poznan.

A Summer Evening With ...
Eine Reihe spezieller screenings immer Donnerstags in Zusammenarbeit mit Rote Loge und Z Bar

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1. Disintegrated Memory Lapse directed by Carl Nolting
United States, 2004, DV, 4:22 min., courtesy of Microcinema International
Disintegrated Memory Lapse is a short experimental film exploring the visual memory of emotions and feelings associated with an individual through a time based medium. Each frame was rotoscoped and then composited on top of each other.

2. Destrukt, Aline Helmcke, Germany, 2005, Hand-drawn animation, 2:20 min.
The animation film "Destrukt" operates with single frame drawings taken from political report photos envolve a non narrative structure which is based on transformative and decompositive movemants from one key-picture into the next. The black and white drawings blur the identity of the pictures that everybody knows from the daily news. Instead of showing the background stories of the conflicts that these pictures implicate, the film wants to investigate their main structure, surrealistic and worrying between nearness and absence.

3. Alpinia, Lee Arnold, USA, 2006, 01:37 min.
A short digital animation, Alpinia is an attempt to mediate modernist abstraction through the lens of contemporary technology. The camera travels through a 2D landscape comprised of simple geometric shapes suggesting a perfect Swiss landscape.

4. In Situ directed by Janet Galore, USA, 2006, Flash collage, 3:12 min.
What happens in a chance encounter between a space baby and a lobster? The stage is set, clouds drift overhead, and Surrealist references abound. The cast of characters includes a Chinese propaganda poster baby, a lobster, a spacecraft, ants, a military tank, and other discordant elements that come together in this animation inspired by Rene Magritte, Jan Svankmajer, and Terry Gilliam.

5. Lovers Supplant directed by Norma V Toraya, United States, 2005, hand-paint and digital animation, 2:08 min., courtesy Microcinema International
Lovers Supplant is an animated short about a femme fatale who creeps along in the night with an objective (abduction of a blissful female) and a motive (to be with the man she loves and role she deserves).



6. FRIGIDAIRE, directed by Virgilio Villoresi and Vivì Ponti, 2005, 5:41
Frigidaire is a stop motion animation about the birth, transformation, death and resurrection of a young girl. A hand takes her through a mad trip inside the house "Frigidaire". We took images from old magazines from the 40's-60's and from our reasearch of old books. The video is made with the collage technic and the sound is made by cuttings of old film. This is our first video together.


7. (ball) directed by Ho-Yeol Ryu, Germany, 2002, 1:30 min.
Das grundsätzliche Hauptthema von meiner Arbeit ist Realität und Unrealität. Eine Situation oder ein Phänomen, die in der Realität unmöglich ist, werden mit dem Computer als eine Mittel verwirklichen(oder anderseits eine Realität wird unrealistisch), und eine neue Welt mit anderer Vision wird geboren. Es ist nicht nur eine wesenhafte Bedeutung als eine Realisierung von einer Unwirklichkeit, sondern es ist ein richtige Sinn von der allgemeine Vorstellung auskommen zu können.
8. Pod, 12 min., 2006
Camera: Kim Collmer, Jeff McGrory
Editing/Animation: Kim Collmer
Music: Jeff McGrory
Outdoor Animation Assistance: Pauline Näscher
Actors: Miles Chalcraft, Kim Collmer, Anette Schaeffer, Elyce Semenec, Jeff McGrory, Pauline Näscher, Lucia Minarik, and Tarik and Joshua Näscher
Pod was filmed during the Subart Artist Residency in Croatia during the Summer of 2005.
9. PAO (bread) directed by Andrea Martha, Portugal, 2005, pixelation animation, 6:35
PAO was Andrea's first film, made in her apartment in Lisbon. Imaginative, humorous, and low-tech, PAO brings everyday objects to life.
10. Text Field directed by Chirstinn Whyte & Jake Messenger, United Kingdom, 2002, 1:00, courtesy Microcinema International
A single continuous take of improvised movement, translated into an ascii-based animation, with a soundtrack generated by a computer read-out of the sequence's final frame....

From LiveBox Gallery, Chicago!

Tony Gammidge, A Short Song About Thread, 4:06
Inspired by the myths of Icarus and Ariadne and is a response to a text written by playwright Dominic Orlando.

Irna Botea, Aktion, 1 min.
Reduced food packages breathing and squeaking like pets....

Kazuhiko Kobayashi, Gate Vision, 5:24
Imagery for Gate Vision was photographed from the window of the Shinkansen, Tokyo with a digital camcorder, then circularly processed using computer manipulation.

Coffee and Milk, 2:30
Mary Magsamen and Stephan Hillerbrand
Slurp, blow, cool, slurp. It is the morning ritual. It is as personal as it is universal. Whether getting it “sweet and light” at the corner store or elaborately hand grinding, brewing and server at home. "Coffee & Milk” is an experimental video installation that explores communication and sexuality through the metaphor of everyday items, coffee, milk and children’s music.

Videos in the gallery:

Elyce Semenec, Om Shanti Hot Spot, 2005
Bring a mat & find your personal hotspot with this colorful, do-at-home yoga video. Shot in the natural setting of a pychedelic imagination, this yoga video is sure to please all, including Bollywood enthusiasts.

Jennifer Hope Davy, Swallow


LiveBox Chicago is run by Catherin Forester. She is a filmmaker, artist, curator and educator. Her work explores themes of identity, social development and the impact of pop culture on individuality. She completed her artistic training at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, and has been immersed in media arts since then. Forster is the founder and director of LiveBox Gallery, a non-for-profit gallery focused on filmic and new media art.